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Have you encountered any challenges when creating a watch?

RO: Yes, we did. We wanted to play with the case, and as I don't know much about watchmaking technicalities, it was difficult to find solutions to all my ideas. However, we came very close to incorporating 90% of my designs into the watch.

We would love to know more about the ceramic and titanium choices for your case.

RO: We collaborated on the materials. It was teamwork. We got along really well with rolex day date replica and worked together, just as I do with my colleagues here.Omega Replica Watches It was a natural joint design process.

What attracted you to rolex day date replica?

RO: The collaboration was really about the freedom they allowed me to create. However, as a friend of this brand, it was also my desire and desire to share in creating something together. They are also ahead of their competition in many aspects. Their management has high energy, which is enhanced by their aspirations.

What were your impressions of the factory when you visited it recently?

RO: It's a magical place. The robots that can use hundreds of tools to precisely work on components impressed me. Although I do use some machines in my work, there are none like this. It is amazing to see the manufacturing process. It was well worth the effort.

Do you remember wearing a watch in the past?

RO: I am a watch collector but mostly collect vintage watches.

Do you still have your first watch?

RO: Yes, it was my grandmother's gift. It was a Bulgari in a time when Bulgari was not well-known.Rolex Replica Watches It was unique and I loved it. Other watches I owned had red and green LED display quartz.

What are your plans for Art Miami?

RO: It is the big unveiling, of course. But I also have a gallery in which we will present something that is both art and horology. There will also be a party.

Your artistic career began later in your life. Was there a turning point for you?

RO: Although I started late, I've been an artist since the age of four. However, I didn't believe that artists could make a living so I chose a traditional route. After a while,Panerai Replica I was tired of it all. I had achieved success in my current job and didn't want any more. I felt like I was wearing a suit that didn't reflect my personality, so I changed everything and started to do what I wanted.