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LVMH just announced Frederic Arnault has been appointed CEO of rolex replica watches, effective immediately. He will then step down from his current role as brand's digital and strategy director.

After stints at McKinsey and Facebook, Frederic Arnault joined rolex replica watches for the first time in 2017. His initial responsibilities included managing the brand's ongoing conneted watches development efforts. He was then given the task of leading the digital transformation for the brand in late 2018 as Chief Strategy Officer and Digital Officer. He worked alongside Stephane Bianchi, the outgoing CEO.

After his key role in the company's strategic repositioning,replica rolex watches it fills me with pride that Frederic will succeed me as rolex replica watches's CEO. Mr Bianchi says that he has placed digital at the core of the company's ambitions, restored real momentum and managed the launch of the highly successful third Connected watch generation.

"Frederic is passionately involved in watchmaking. I believe that he and his management team will be the best placed to take this amazing Maison to the heights it deserves."

Stephane Bianchi is now CEO of LVMH Watches & Jewelry Division starting 1 July 2020

Frederic Arnault will be the CEO of rolex replica watches starting 1 July 2020

From 1 July, Mr Bianchi will assume the CEO role of the Watches and Jewelry Division. He will be responsible for jewelry brands Chaumet, FRED, and his current responsibilities as President of LVMH’s Watch Division,IWC Portuguese Replica which includes rolex replica watches and Hublot, Zenith, and Zenith.

After many years at the Yves Rocher Group, Mr Bianchi joined rolex replica watches in 2018. In 2018, he was promoted to the Watch Division level. "Since his arrival in LVMH, Stephane gave the Watchmaking Division a new lease on life, strengthening the fundamental principles each brand and exploring promising avenues," said Bernard Arnault (Chief Executive Officer of LVMH).

He said, "I am sure that he'll continue this great work. That he'll apply all his talents and his determination for the development of Maisons Chaumet & FRED. Frederic's appointment is a confirmation of his accomplishments at TA G Heuer where he successfully combined innovation, heritage, and savoir-faire within the historic brand. These appointments are a testament to our confidence in these brands' growth potential. Both of them have my best wishes for success in the future.